Izmir ONLINE LAB (LAB 2) on CE in textiles, 08.-16.07.2020

The second lab was dedicated to the circular economy in fashion industry, In the application we have planned that this lab will take a place at the host of the Izmir Chamber of Dry Goods and Haberdashery in Turkey (ITMBO). This organisation is quite traditional, and they were not able to change the concept of online training to online alone. That is why CRN and Circular Berlin with Future Fashion Forward help and prepared together with the Izmir Chamber of Dry Goods and Haberdashery the programme of the lab.

14 participants took a part in the training. As in the first Berlin lab we have started with the challenges from the transnational meeting in February in Izmir. We have worked in 3 groups using different digital tools and ways of communication. This exercise started with the brainstorm and gave very concrete results, which has been 3 actions plans. 2 of them can be found at the end of this description. For that cooperation we spent 3 days.
We dedicated one of the days to work with the online collection of different examples and solutions Close the loop. Participants of the task had got introduction to the page and task which structured the work with this online casebook. Each participant has chosen the most interesting and, in its opinion, sustainable and circular companies and solutions. This practise was very inspiring for everybody.

During another day we have took a part in the workshop on textiles of Arianne Nicoletti from Future Fashion forward and Circular Berlin, who is one of the first pioneers of the sustainable fashion researchers, activist and changemaker in that field in Berlin. This was very interactive, with a lot of useful information, facts and ‘’food’’ for our thought and behaviours.

ITMBO was responsible for the next day and has prepared it together with one of the presented good practises in Turkey Senemiscoo. This was a practical exercise – we sewn a new thing from an old one. We have made cell phone bag from the old jeans pocket. It was

very different from other training methods tried in the lab. Participants liked this part the most. Originally, we have planned to dedicate to this activity this kind of exercise 2 days in Izmir but it was not possible, so we have reduced it to few hours. Nevertheless, it was very good idea and enriching for the whole lab.
One day was planned as a self-learning day, so participants have been reading proposed articles and watching chosen video. We have concentrated on the influence of the Covid2019 crisis on textile industry.
As before we met on the last day to finish action plans based on the challenges, summarize the whole lab and all used methods.
At this lab we tried interesting tools. Participants had been more confident with the online tools and took many inspirations for their lives and jobs. Some of the most important thought can be read on the picture below that text. 2 chosen actions plans are to find on next pages.

LAB 2 Action Plan Nr 2

LAB 2 Action Plan Nr 3