Zvolen ONLINE Lab (LAB 3) on CE in Recycling,  02.-10.09.2020

In the first week of September NARA SK has prepared the last lab of our project about circle economy in recycling. The Slovak partner from Zvolen is an expert in the field of recycling. The training was prepared with cooperation with the municipality department of Waste Management of Ziar nad Hradem. The training has 18 participants.

The first 2 days we have got a lot of presentation about the waste management in North of Slovakia and we have learnt problems and needs of the city Ziar in that field. NARA SK has presented their

circular methods and achievements in building industry and recycling. One of the trainers of NARA SK Rado Gromollmus has introduced to the participants different international frames of circular economy as law, strategic regulations, and strategies. During other days we have worked on possible solutions for existing problems in the region of Banska Bystrica. As in other 2 labs we have dedicated one day for self-learning to learn

Preparation of the online format of the workshop was quite challenging for the Slovak partner as they did it first time.

There was a place for trying many ways of presentation and teamwork. We have seen that Slovakian trainers were becoming more and more confident in the use of online tools every day. They moved from a very frontal form of training in the first days to interactive exercises on the last day. One of the biggest improvements and impact of the lab was that Slovak partner started to offer online course after facilitating of this lab.