Berlin ONLINE LAB (LAB 1), 22.06.-01.07.2020

The first lab was planned for the end of March 2020 in Berlin. The partnership of the project has noticed that there is a lack of knowledge about circular economy and the same need for general training methods. That is why we have changed the concept of the first lab from good practices used in the coworking and hub to the general ones. During the transnational meeting in Izmir presented partners of the project prepared challenges based on needs organizations. At the beginning of 2020 participants have been chosen by partner organizations and the program has been prepared in the cooperation of Comparative Research Network, Circular Berlin and Future Forward Fashion. At the beginning of March tickets were bought and accommodation booked but pandemic Covid2019 and lockdowns came, and the lab was cancelled.

After 3 months we have rearranged the structure and programme of the lab to the online version and from the 22. of June till the 01. of July an online lab took place with 18 participants. We have met for 7 days and tested different practises with the help of different online tools. For many participants it was the first time where they could be a part of this kind of training. We have chosen tree challenges and divided participants in 3 diverse teams. 3 days of the lab have been dedicated to work on those tasks. At the end of the lab we have ready 3 action plans which can be used as scenarios to fulfil the challenge. Chosen scenarios can be found after description of the lab.

During the other 4 days we have tried out different good practises which can be attended in online form. We have worked with a circular economy learning platform of Climate Kic- How to Develop Circular Economy Strategies: module 1 and 2. Then we took part in the CE workshop of Circular Berlin. One day was dedicated as a self-learning day with different videos and articles. Other day we spent with Circular Canvas . They have been already introduced to the partners before the lab. During one of the training days we have mapped Nara SK to show how it can be turned into a more circular organisation. All chosen practices were interesting for partners and they will introduce them into their training curricula in their organisations.

Beside testing new CE methods and practises participants of the lab had a possibility of developing other skills and acquiring new knowledge. The biggest improvement we have observed was in the field of online cooperation and languages skills. Some of the participants had almost no experience in the field and they have been quite afraid of working online together. At the end of the lab most of them were not afraid of these tools and the lab piqued the curiosity of them. We have observed the generation as well change at the Turkish partner. Its participants have been chosen to be able to communicate well in English and represented young generation active in textile businesses.

LAB 1 Action Plan Nr 1

LAB 1: Action Plan Nr 3